ICU China


On the 17th Floor of the Yilu Building, overlooking SM and the rest of downtown Xiamen sits the ICU (China) office.  Managing Director Victoria Kang and our staff take their responsibility as being the eyes, ears and in country decision makers for ICU very seriously.  Tasked with having to expedite overseas orders, help with the sourcing process and handle sales for a diverse world wide customer base determined to use ICU (China) as their primary sourcing agency, our entrepreneurial staff takes a proprietary interest in each order and with each client.  There is too much competition in the China market for us not to.

This means we are in the factory at the beginning, middle and end of production runs to make sure there are no surprises.  We work with vendors to work out issues before they become problems for our clients.  With fluency in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Fukinese our staff is able to communicate with a wide variety of clients and vendors. Likewise, being located in Xiamen with its centrally located airport puts each member of the staff 1 hour from Shanghai, 1 hour from Guangzhou, 1 hour from Shenzhen, 1 hour from Hong Kong or 1 hour from Ningbo.

For a list of items we currently have databases ready to source as well as color charts and stone charts please click here: Construction Supplies.

If you are interested in direct sourcing with our China office please call 86-592-5531206 or click on ICU (China) and email us.  If you prefer to deal with the American office please call 401-946-4800 or click on ICU and email us.  Either way you will get the same great service, the same great pricing and the same great attention.